Three of the prominent and award-winning speakers who will be sharing their experiences at #AZA18 are Chilean architect, Enrique Browne; Mexico’s Gabriela Carrillo; and Mumbai-based Sameep Padora.

Hailed as ‘Architect of the Year’ in the 2017 Women in Architecture Awards by The Architectural Review and the Architects' Journal, Gabriela Carrillo is co-director of the multi-award-winning practice Taller de Arquitectura Mauricio Rocha + Gabriela Carrillo. Using every project as an opportunity to develop her thoughts on space, light and shadow, perspective, warmth and atmosphere, Carrillo intends to share with the #AZA18 audience the strategies that she has developed while working in a place always in crisis, together with the opportunities that these scenarios can afford.

As principal of the award-winning design studio sP+a, Sameep Padora’s work covers projects across a range of socio-economic and cultural contexts, exploring how traditional techniques can be appropriated through a process of evolution, and informed by global and regional networks to become relevant in a contemporary context. He says. “I believe the greatest challenge we face is the relevance of our profession in addressing real challenges that face our society today – from affordable housing to the environment, to the politics embedded in the act of building.”

Driven by the love for architecture and innovation, and by his own need for answers, in architectural terms, to our changing world, Enrique Browne believes that new urban and social problems can often be solved by returning to first principles, which can then be further developed using new technologies. He says, “I think the ‘spirit of the age’ is being defined by two different and growing challenges. One is global communication associated with the evolution of artificial intelligence; the second is sustainability.”

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